Intrinsically safe smartphone cases, rugged ATEX iPhone cases and explosion proof phone cases. iPad ATEX Cases | Zone 1, 2, CSA Division 1, 2. aXtion Extreme MP for iPad " 8th | 7th Gen. (Black). Intrinsically Safe, Rugged and Waterproof Case with Certified Installation Service (iPad not included). Thinking beyond the safety of the tablet we've developed the aXtion Extreme line of cases with one fundamental principle; Keep the user safe! These hazardous. Get your Xciel Explosion Proof iPad Case in stock for fast next-day delivery. Buy now and secure your XCiPhone, XCRiPad, XCZ1-iPad, and XCZ1-iPhone ATEX. Intrinsically safe mobile cases is a technique for safe operation of electrical equipment in hazardous areas by limiting the energy available for ignition.

XCIEL Intrinsically Safe Cases and Accessories XCIEL is a manufacturer of intrinsically safe portable cases for smartphones and tablets, which are designed. Spotter is the customizable inspection app for iPad and Android tablets that improves safety and accuracy with photo, video, and offline data collection. Xciel Inc in Richmond, TX sells intrinsically safe ruggedized iPads for use in hazardous environments. Call or use our form to request a call or demo. The ATEX/IECEx iPad mini 5 comes with an aluminum case finish and is available in both WIFI only and WIFI + 4G Beside safe use as a tablet both versions are. Intrinsically Safe iPad Pro in case for ATEX Zone 2 is designed with support from high grade ballistic nylon. Rugged yet lightweight, this case protects. In an industry that's been cuffed to intrinsically safe handhelds for voice comms only, OtterBox now enables workers to utilize Apple technology to its. Atex Intrinsically Safe Ipad Mini 4 Case - C1D2 Zone 2 - XCRiPad Mini 4. £ WARNING: For important safety information about charging iPad, see the iPad Important Product In this case, tap to zoom in on the app. Tap to return to the. One of the most common items we get asked for is an 'intrinsically safe phone case', or asked to explain why a waterproof case can't ensure that their. We supply ruggedised cases to fit a wide range of iPad models - WA ISO Certified. Engineered to be Intrinsically Safe in Zone Two explosive gas. Compliance with ATEX / EX regulations is achieved by modifying the casing along with the intrinsically safe electrical circuitry, making the tablets suitable.

The XCRiPad Air is designed for rugged use despite its lightweight, compact size. Intrinsically Safe iPad Air. C1D2 iPad Air. ATEX Zone2 iPad Air. XCRiPad (iPad. This case is the toughest and most reliable intrinsically safe case for your iPad. It is meticulously designed to meet the Zone 2 and Class 1 Division 2. The XCRiPad was designed to resist shocks, vibration, dust and water in indoor and outdoor environments. The XCRiPad allows you to connect securely to your VPN. Buy AXTION EXTREME INTRINSICALLY SAFE RUGGED AND WATERPROOF CASE WITH CERTIFIED INSTALLATION SERVICE FOR IPAD - CWAMP-IS - Free Shipping in Selected. The ATEX iPad Mini 4 comes with a black case finish and is available for both the WiFi only model and the WiFi + Cellular model. Besides safe use as smart. With the Xciel intrinsically safe case, you can carry your iPad Air ″ in hazardous areas with the maximum security needed. Explosion Proof Apple iPad® Cases for Zone 2 and Zone 22 Environments. A lightweight, compact and ergonomic Ex solution. It can resist vibrations, shocks, dust and water in indoor and outdoor environments. This case allows you to take your ipad to places with sand, dust and water. Xciel Inc is a manufacturer of intrinsically safe iPhone and iPad cases, which are designed to survive the challenges of rugged environments.

Keep your iPad safe and protected when working in hazardous zones such as explosive gas atmospheres or harsh environments, using a fully protective case. Works perfectly in hazardous locations. Use the most-loved 7″ tablet in the world in Zone1 areas. Explosion proof iPad mini case. ATEX Zone1 iPad. XCRiPad (Rubber + Nylon case) will allow you to use in a Class 1 Div 2 / ATEX Intrinsically Safe iPad. It is designed for rough environment, indoor and. Non-Incendive & Intrinsically. Safe XCRiPad ". (/7th generation). *rubber case and nylon case to be used together in hazardous locations. Page 2. Intrinsically safe iPad case. Citation metadata. Date: May From: Coal Age ()(Vol. , Issue 5). Publisher: Mining Media International Inc. Document.

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